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The vision, drive and experience of the founding partners has thrust VIBE HR Center Stage (or into the Spotlight) as one of the premier staffing agencies in the north east area of the US!  Our national client and candidate base is ever growing & always happy to share testimonials of their successes.

Together, Dean Kane and Christopher Pennings bring a passion for people and community to the business.  Together, as a team they bring over 45 years of combined experience.  Creating programs and techniques for attracting top talent combined with the use of the industry’s latest technology has inspired them to put the


Dean Kane
Founder and
Managing Member
Christopher Pennings
Managing Member

The vision starts with Dean Kane!  Pursued his career in electrical engineering after his accomplishment of having served in the military.  He acquired his taste for improving operations and took his first step into entrepreneurship in 2007. After several years as a GM, he purchased a division of the company.    His keen sense of business development and management continued to craft his ability to lean out operations and develop his passion for HR principles.  

The magnetic personality of Chris Pennings has graced him with the affectionate ability to sincerely connect and truly hear candidate goals and aspirations.  A football coach at heart, his team spirit has never faltered.  It is this spirit of comradery that has projected him as one of the top business to business consultants when it comes to talent management.  His 25+ years in the Staffing Industry, Sales, Operations & Project Management and HR Recruitment have made him an icon in local business circles, which continue to weave outwards into this great country.

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